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Shipping & Returns


Shipping is free, there are no additional or hidden charges. Usually, it takes around 12 working days to reach but sometimes it takes  5 - 10 additional days to reach due to customs. 


We will provide you with a tracking number of USPS, but it takes time to be visible on the USPS tracking system. We will be tracking it for you and will provide you with all the updates.

Return and Exchange

Normally Return or Exchange is not possible in medication. In our experiences, these situations occur under these below-given possibilities.

If the medication does not work:

Here we suggest you to kindly go through our Awareness section for a better understanding of how the medication works or how to take the medication. Some pills like Cialis might take a few trials to start working in your system.

If you received less quantity than you ordered:

In this scenario kindly contact us on our Contact Us section.

If any other reason let us know on our Contact Us section.

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